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Entering Game results and player statistics
NOTE:  you can only enter game stats on games that have happened and not for future events

1) From your team page click on Results

2) Enter in the score for both your team and your opponent and hit SAVE (You may also use the orange edit button to enter your scores or add additional notes)

Once you have Saved your results you should receive an additional icon in your results row.  (or go back to your Team menu and click on Results again).

4) Click on the middle icon to enter your game statistics (see image)


There are 3 areas for statistics: Pitching/Hitting/Fielding.  Once you have entered in your stats for all 3 be sure to hit SAVE
NOTE: if you hoover your mouse pointer over the headings in the row it will give you screen tips with more information if needed

Now that your game stats are in the system automatically does your Pitch Counts for you! 
Once you have some stats entered for your team you will now be able to see your standings, pitchers report and overall statistics through your team menu!