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Steps to scheduling your practices and reserving fields/cages on the website
  1. Log into edwalshll.com
  2. Using the navigation menu Select Team > Choose a Team> select your division> click on the name of your team
 This will put you on your Team Home Page
(you are encouraged to add a welcome message here by clicking the Green + button)

From your Team Home Page click the Schedule option from the left hand navigation tools

Then click the Options button on the right and choose +Add Event
Fill out the form, ensuring that you are entering all of the fields highlighted in Yellow Below and then click SUBMIT when finished

Your choices for practice locations from the menu listed below.  Those that are crossed off please do not use as these are for when we schedule games with Jack Barry or for Special Events.
**Please refrain from adding additional Locations, if practicing off site or at another facility you may choose the “Meriden Offsite Field” option and add your notes to where you will meet for practice

Your newly added Practice will now be seen on your schedule as seen below.

Additionally you will be able to edit the entry if needed by clicking the yellow icon to the right

If you need to Cancel a scheduled practice:
  1. Click the yellow icon to edit
  2. Change the status to Cancelled and ensure the appropriate parties are notified (this will send them an email/text notification)