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2019 Majors and Minors, Farm A Rules for Use at Both

Yalesville Complex and Ed Walsh

ALL divisions:

There is a no 'must slide' rule into home plate, runner is to "Make and attempt" to avoid the catcher*

Anyone acting in the capacity of a catcher (whether infield or outfield) must wear the catchers mask*

Intentional Walk- must be with no count on the batter.  The pitcher will have 4 pitches added to their pitch count*

Special Pinch runner per inning.  Same pinch runner can be used again, but not for the same person*

If the catcher is on base with 2 outs, then the last retired batter should pinch run for the catcher (This is just to speed up the game)*

*This will apply to regular season and playoffs

Batter must keep one foot in the batter's box, during their at bat, (there are exceptions).  Warnings maybe issued at umpired discretion.  If the batter continues to step out, then a strike will be issued to the batter.  The called "Strike" will not be added to the pitchers count  #Instructional for the 1st 4 games#

We will follow 2019 Green Book rules except for the following:


Travesty rule is 10 runs after 4 innings or 15 runs after 3 innings, as per 2019 Green Book.

Drop third strike rule will be in effect from the beginning of the season (1st bases must be unoccupied or there are 2 outs).

Pitch Counts will have to be recorded online as well as both coaches signing the final score in each others scorebooks. Both leagues will list jersey numbers next to players as well. 

Continuous Batting will apply to the 1st 4 games. After the 4th game, traditional 9 player lineup will take effect.


Farm A

Travesty Rule is 15 runs

Drop third strike rules is NOT in effect at this level

Stealing Home will not be permitted during the 1st 4 games. Following the 4th game stealing home will be limited to 2 per per inning. #Instructional for the 1st 4 games#

On a throw by the catcher to the pitcher goes over/by/under the pitcher; the runner on third base will NOT be allowed to advance to home plate #Instructional for the 1st 4 games#

If a runner is on third base and the batter walks, he may only proceed to FIRST base and cannot continue on to second base #Instructional for the 1st 4 games#

Pitch Counts will have to be recorded online as well as both coaches signing the final score in each others scorebooks. Both leagues will list jersey numbers next to players as well. 

Farm A may use four outfielders

Continuous Batting will apply

There is a MAXIMUM of 4 runs per inning except the last inning which in the case of a regulation game is 6 innings, however, if both coaches and umpire deem the game should end on account of weather or daylight, the final inning may be the 4th or 5th.  We will limit our play time to 2 hours. When approaching the 2 hour limited, the coaches will agree in the final inning.

Players must still have a minimum playtime of two consecutive innings (6 outs) before being taking out. Coaches will notify the opposing team of changes.